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  • Jenna Slosson Narayanan

    Jenna Slosson Narayanan

  • C’est La Vie

    C’est La Vie

    Writing About Life. Real Life. Real Perspectives. Real Events.

  • Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣

    Jazalyn 🎭🎵💔💧✍🏻🗣

    Idealism, Utopia fiction with singing rhetoric, acting psychology exploring love-hate in poetic, theatric monologues. Write to evolve, inspire. Web: jazalyn.art

  • David MacMillan

    David MacMillan

    Anyone with really good ideas will always be looking for better ones. Writing about law, fundamentalism, and science denial…book to follow.

  • Ashindi Maxton

    Ashindi Maxton

    Co-Director, Donors of Color Network

  • DTSteads


  • Philippa Hughes

    Philippa Hughes

    Creating space for conversations to transform society. Exploring what it means to be American. Recovering lawyer, public speaker, art fanatic philippahughes.com

  • Michelle Hoffmann

    Michelle Hoffmann

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