Election Day is hours away. While we likely won’t know the full vote count, here are four steps to help you prepare for the day after the election.

1. Prepare to keep up the fight.

More than 92 million people have already voted, over 59 million by mail. While the majority of states will start processing mail in ballots before Election Day, key states like Wisconsin and parts of Michigan will not. Joe Biden encouraged supporters to vote early and by mail. Donald Trump discouraged and disparaged vote by mail. So we know that votes that come in on Election Day are likely to favor Trump, which…

2020 Iowa Caucus Night Pete for America Rally Photo credit: Christopher Maggiano

I approach politics from a place of logic and strategy, and I certainly don’t cry a lot when it comes to political campaigns. But that changed in Iowa this week.

The reason connects back 2009, when I was working on the campaign that eventually succeeded in winning marriage equality in Iowa. It was my honor to pick up the Court of Appeals decision from the clerk’s office, which stated in clear terms that we won. Full marriage. Unanimously decided. Iowa would become the first state in the Heartland to allow same-sex couples to marry. …

Reflecting on the year in politics has me feeling all kinds of things.

Exasperation: Has Mayor Bloomberg really already dropped $100 million on campaign ads? And will it work??

Terror: How terrified of the Bernie supporters should I be while writing a question online about how terrifying Bernie supporters can be online?

Sadness: Why am I still so sad about Sen. Harris dropping out of the race?

Disbelief: Why the hell is Sen. Warren going after Mayor Buttigieg for fundraisers when she has done the same for…

Wait. Wait a moment.

These are not helpful. This is not the mindset…

Dear fellow Democrats,

Why do we always wait until the last minute to engage in politics and get excited about major elections?

Here’s an idea — let’s act as if the 2020 general election will be held on April 1 instead of November 3. Imagine how much we could increase our chances of winning if we opened our wallets, engaged our networks, and signed up to volunteer seven months out from an election.

But on April 1, we won’t yet know the results of the presidential primary? …

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy opened a political Pandora’s box this week by announcing his retirement. This could be good for Democrats in November — but only if we make it so. With four months to go, here are four steps to turn that sucker punch announcement into a win in November.

Step 1: Don’t Be Distracted or Divided

Within minutes of Kennedy’s announcement, my Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with messages of exasperated doom and gut-wrenching fear from my progressive friends. Because that’s what we do on the left. And we’re really, really good at it.

“Thanks, Jill Stein.”

As I turn 40 years old today, I am reflecting on the lessons I’ve learned in love, (work) life, and the pursuit of happiness. Some of these are borrowed. More than a few are clichéd. Nearly all have their roots in failure.


1. Daily gratitude and appreciation should be at the heart of a good relationship.

2. If you are suffering heartache, acknowledge it and pamper yourself however you need it (as healthily as possible). New jeans and new bedsheets work especially well.

3. If you’re only pining for or wanting to get back together with your ex when you’re…

Chris Maggiano

Chris Cormier Maggiano, President and Founder of Cormier & Company, serves as a political strategist and donor advisor.

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